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The following pages will be updated and added to as we take a look at up to date style tips and design ideas for the discerning home owner. There are many aspects to decorating your home, putting your own stamp on your personal space, and here at Wonkee Donkee we believe that the style pf doors you choose is just as important as other design features, and over the coming months and years, we hope this section can give you some tips on utilising doors styles to add a genuine wow factor to your home's interior or exterior, or both!

This blog section hopes to take a look at current trends as well as timeless tips, to help you choose the right doors for you.


Wonkee Donkee are official XL Joinery stockists for the UK, supplying a superb range of internal doors, external doors, glazed doors, French doors, stable doors, room dividers, glass folding doors, double doors, and much more. 

Accessories to compliment a new or existing door include stylish oak architrave and matching skirting boards, door frames for external doors, door frames for internal doors (door linings), and door frames that include parts for adding sidelights to compliment your front door. 


Do you have any tips? Please email us with any comments - We aim to reply to all genuine correspondence as soon as possible.


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