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A door pair maker  is a simply designed strip of timber that can easily transform two standard doors into a double door system, a popular choice as a room divider to separate spaces such as kitchens and dining rooms or kitchens and living spaces.

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They provide a rebate on one of the doors so that the second door can close properly against it. This means you can create your own look as it gives you a huge amount of choice for door designs and styles, allowing you to have a set of double doors that blends seamlessly with your current style, or that makes a real statement. 

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The pair makers from XL Joinery are constructed with engineered materials for optimum performance, additional strength, and extra stability. The materials used are FSC® Certified products with a full chain of custody, so you know they are from sustainable sources that make these products more environmentally friendly. All pair makers have a 1-year manufacturer's guarantee.

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What door pair makers are available?    


The small selection of pair makers from XL Joinery are designed to accommodate the majority of their internal doors, so you can choose the style you want and easily turn them into beautiful double doors. They can be used for doors that open inwards or outwards, and can be fitted to either the right or left-hand door, making them particularly versatile. They are all designed to be used with doors that are 78" (1981mm) high and 35mm thick, except for the Metric oak pair makers that are designed for metric doors that are 2040mm (80") high and 40mm thick. Both pair makers can be used with any width of internal door from our ranges.

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Oak door pair makers

To match the large range of stunning internal oak doors, you can choose oak door pair makers that suit standard imperial height doors with either a standard profile  or a contemporary profile . Or, if you want to save time, you can select the Pre-finished pair maker in oak , with a medium oak stain finish, that's ready to be installed straight away. These suit all our 78" high doors. Alternatively, if you have standard metric sized doors, there is an oak metric door pair maker  for use with any oak doors from XL Joinery that are 2040mm high.

  oak pair makers  
  pine door pair makers for double doors  

Pine door pair makers

The pine door pair makers  are ideal for use with any of the pine doors found in our ranges that are 78" high. They are suitable for use with Clear pine, Vertical grain pine, or Knotty pine doors, and are all ready to be finished on site, so you can finish them to perfectly compliment your doors, in either a matching or contrasting tone. 


White primed door pair makers

White primed door pair makers  are ideal for creating beautiful and bright white double doors. Whether you choose glazed or panelled white primed doors, the brightness of the white can make almost any room appear larger and lighter.

  pair maker for white doors - white primed double doors  

Internal door frame sizes - including door pair maker and cleance


The frame sizes for double doors, rebate to rebate, with the pair maker and clearance allowances, of 2mm each side, are as follows (approx):


Imperial door size and door pair maker for doos that are 35mm thick

  • 2 x 78" x 18" doors + pair maker = 930mm
  • 2 x 78" x 21" doors + pair maker = 1082mm

  • 2 x 78" x 24" doors + pair maker = 1236mm

  • 2 x 78" x 27" doors + pair maker = 1388mm

  • 2 x 78" x 30" doors + pair maker = 1540mm

  • 2 x 78" x 33" doors + pair maker = 1692mm

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Metric door size and door pair maker for doors that are 40mm thick

  • 2 x 2040mm x 526mm doors + pair maker = 1068mm

  • 2 x 2040mm x 626mm doors + pair maker = 1268mm

  • 2 x 2040mm x 726mm doors + pair maker = 1468mm

  • 2 x 2040mm x 826mm doors + pair maker = 1668mm


Installing door pair makers  


Always read the specific instructions included with your pair makers  through completely and ensure you fully understand the construction method before you begin the installation. 

  pair makers for double doors. fitting door pair makers  

The two doors you want to use as double doors must be hung in their frame with a continuous 12mm gap running between them before the pair maker is fitted. You can then decide which door will be the one you open first, as it is the other door you will be fitted with the pair maker. To attach the pair maker you must remove the notching at the bottom, the notching at the top allows for the fitted door stop on the door frame.


To attach the pair maker you must remove the notching at the bottom, the notching at the top allows for the fitted door stop on the door frame. To check the doors won't bind, you must temporarily fit the door pair maker and ensure they open and close correctly. The gap between the pair maker and the opening door edge should be 2mm. 


If the opening door binds you should remove the pair maker and plane the required amount from the edge of the door. Once you are sure the doors will operate properly and the pair maker fits correctly you can fix it in place.


You must make sure the pair maker is flush with the bottom and top edge of the door, and then you can glue and pin the door pair maker in place. The dimensions of the internal frame are made up of a 2mm gap between the 1st door and frame + 1st door width + 12mm for pair maker + 2nd door width + 2mm gap between the 2nd door and the frame.

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