Choosing sliding doors for the Easi-Slide room divider frames

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For stylish room dividers, you can opt for a sliding door frame system and your choice of door styles. These are ideal if you have limited space where a hinged or folding door would not be appropriate. These frames are available in Oak  or White Primed .

  Oak sliding doors. Glazed doors as sliding door room dividers  
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The Easi-Slide system  provides you with a sliding door frame and the hardware to fit the doors, excluding the handle, so you can choose the style of handle you prefer. They are designed to work with standard doors from our internal collections, that's doors that are 35mm thick and 1981mm (78") high, in configurations of two to four doors, so you choose the room divider that suits your space. The recommended maximum weight for each door panel is 40kg.


The frames have a maximum size of 2090mm x 3500mm and are designed to be trimmed for an exact fit. Both height and width can be trimmed as they allow for different floor coverings. You must make sure you include the thickness of the pair maker when calculating your frame width. The pair maker is included in the pack so the door will close properly and will be 54mm thick.

  Modern oak internal doors as sliding door room dividers  
  Worcester glazed doors from XL joinery fitted in the easi-slide sliding door system  

These sliding door frames all contain FCS certified components, that are engineered to ensure stability and durability with the product, and they all have a 10-year manufacturer's guarantee. Choosing the doors for this system couldn't be easier, simply measure your opening, decide on the style of door you want, and pick the best-suited configuration, you have three configuration options to choose from. 


Glazed doors  are popular choices for room dividers, but remember if you use doors with obscure, patterned, or bevelled glass you must make sure the glass pattern detail is facing the same way for all door and sidelight panels. shop for sliding door frames from wonkee donkee xl joinery


Option 1 - Four door room divider

  Four door room divider - sliding door room dividers  

This configuration consists of four individual doors, two will be fixed sidelight panels, which will be doors that are fixed in position, and the two centre doors will slide open and closed. Some of the possible door width option for this setup are 838mm + 838mm + 838mm +838mm, 838mm + 762mm + 762mm + 838mm, or 610mm + 762mm + 762mm + 610mm.


Option 2 - Three door room divider


For this sliding door configuration, you will have a moving door in the middle while the two doors either side will work as fixed sidelights, and the moving door will slide over one of the sidelight panels. The door arrangement can possibly be used with doors with the widths 610mm + 762 + 610mm, 610mm + 610mm + 610mm, or 762mm + 762mm + 762mm.   

  Three door room dividers - sliding door room dividers  

Option 3 - Two door room divider     

  Two door sliding door room dividers  

When using two doors for a sliding door room divider you will have one stationary sidelight door panel and another door panel that will move. Possible door width options for this configuration are 838mm + 762mm, 838mm + 838mm, or 610mm + 762mm. 


Popular door styles you can choose for your Easi-slide room divider     


All of our standard height doors, that's doors that are 1981mm (78") high and 35mm thick can be used with this sliding door system. The width of doors you choose will depend on the size of the opening and your chosen door configuration. This means there are many choices available. Here is an example of some of the most popular choices of glazed doors, but you don't have to follow convention, why not opt for glazed doors as sidelight but have a panelled door  that moves. 


Worcester doors     

  Worcester style doors as sliding door room dividers  

Worcester style doors are a beautifully classic design of internal door that works particularly well as glazed doors. They feature large glass panels divided into three with thin mullion strips. These interior doors are available as White primed doors or Oak doors, so they can be used with either frame to produce elegant sliding doors.


Salerno doors

  Salerno glazed doors as sliding door room dividers  

If you prefer a more modern style of door, why not opt for the stylish Salerno glazed internal door for your sliding door room divider. The contemporary asymmetric design on this door means that it looks particularly effective as a double door when you hang them so that the glazed panels mirror each other. 


Pattern 10 doors

  Glazed pattern 10 internal doors for sliding door room dividers  

Pattern 10 interior doors are always popular choices for room dividers due to the large glazed area on the glazed versions of this style of door. They also provide you with the choice of glazed doors with clear glass panels or obscure glass panels. Mix and match the glazed Pattern 10 with the panelled Pattern 10 doors for consistency throughout your home. 

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