Choosing doors for Wonkee Donkee XL Joinery Freefold room dividers

      freefold room divider systems      

XL Joinery’s Freefold system  is an entire room divider, allowing you to completely transform your home by allowing one room to become two in seconds. The Freefold system can be fully opened to create a large single space that’s ideal for entertaining. By closing the system, the space becomes two separate rooms by creating a wall of elegant doors. This system can be used with any of the 24” Oak or White Primed doors, so you can produce a consistent look throughout your home by matching it to your other internal doors. 

  room dividers to open up an entire room  

Selecting the right room divider for you is simple with the Freefold system . The system consists of frame pieces (head, jambs, and stop), all the required hardware (except for handles), and with a floor mounted guide, as the doors will be top-hung. Simply select the size of frame you require in either Oak or White Primed, both these frames are ready to be finished on site. You then select the style of 24” door you want and order the number you need (between 2 and 8 door configurations are available). Meaning you can use them to separate any rooms, such as sitting rooms and kitchens, or lounges and dining rooms.  

  room divider made of folding doors  

The range of complimenting doors means you can mix and match styles if you prefer, so you might choose a room divider with a mixture of panelled and glazed doors. Otherwise, using all glazed doors is a great way to transfer light between rooms, or using all panelled doors is an excellent choice for extra privacy. This system facilitates you swapping between open plan living and separate rooms whenever you want. 


Ordering Freefold room dividers


To order your Freefold room dividers , you simply choose the desired configuration, depending on the size of your opening, add the Oak or White Primed version to your basket, and then select the style of doors you want and add the appropriate number of them to your basket. Freefold frames are available in the following dimensions:

  configurations of freefold room dividers from xl joinery  

The opening should be 10mm larger than the frame for height and width, so the height of the opening for all door configurations should be 2100mm heigh. The jambs of the frame are oversized and need to be trimmed as they are designed to accommodate different floor coverings.  


Choosing door styles


Any 24" door from XL Joinery's Oak or White Primed range can be used with the Freefold system, giving you lots to choose from. Glazed and panelled options give you great scope to get the right room divider for your space. Glazed doors are available with clear or obscure glass, and all glass used is toughened safety glass, for extra peace of mind. Here are some of the popular choices of door styles that you can choose to go with this system:

  freefold room divider for a full room divider  

Glazed Oak doors - To view all 24" Glazed Oak doors click here

  glazed door for room dividers  

Pattern 10

Possibly the most popular style of door used with the Freefold system is the glazed Pattern 10. The particularly large glass panels in these doors mean they are perfect for brightening up a space, even when the doors are closed. This style is available with clear or obscure glass. You can even get a 24" Pattern 10 Oak door with clear glass that has been pre-finished, ready for a quick installation. 

  glazed shaker door for internal room dividers  


Another door with large areas of glazing is the Shaker. This door is available with clear or obscure glass, and both types of glazing can be bought as unfinished or prefinished doors, and also as a panelled door. The clean lines of this door's design mean it can suit modern or traditional styles of home.

  Worcester doors with glazing for room dividers   


Another door style with large a large glazed area is the Worcester. This stylish door has clear glass, for transferring the maximum amount of light through. This door is available as a prefinished or unfinished door, as well as a panelled door. 

  Verona doors with glazing for room dividers  


For a more modern twist, Verona doors are popular. Their two large glass panels really highlight their unique design. This door comes as a pre-finished door with clear glass or as an unfinished door with obscure glass.

  Treviso glazed doors  


Another popular and contemporary design of door is the Treviso. This door's sweeping pattern means they can be a real centrepiece for any room. With clear glass, it's excellent for transferring light. Using this style of door throughout your home will definitely give your decor the wow factor. 

          oak 24" doors with glazed panels  

Panelled Oak doors - To view all 24" Panelled Oak doors click  here

  pattern 10 panelled door for room dividers  

Pattern 10

This simple but effective style works well as a wall of doors when fully closed. This door can be bought as a fully finished door or an unfinished door.

  shaker panelled doors for room dividers  


The classic shaker style works well in various settings. This door is also available as a pre finished or unfinished door.

          panelled oak doors 24"  

Glazed White primed doors -  To view all 24" Glazed White primed doors click here

  pattern 10 door glazed in white  

Pattern 10

These doors in white are the best door style for brightening a room. They're available with clear or obscure glass.

  glazed doors for interiors  


The classic Shaker door has clear glass. In white, these doors are popular choices as a room divider for use between a white kitchen and dining space.

  glazed doors for interiors  


The Worcester door is another excellent style for transferring light, it's also available as a white panelled door.

  glazed doors for interiors  


This modern design will look exceptionally eye-catching as a wall of doors. A white panelled door in this style is also available.

  glazed doors for interiors - room diver doors  


Salerno designs are ideal for contemporary spaces. The asymmetric design is particularly striking.

          glazed doors in white  

Panelled White Primed doors - To view all 24" Panelled White primed doors click  here  

  panelled white door for room divders  

Pattern 10

Even without glass panels, this style of door in white can really brighten up a room.

  White internal door for room dividers  


The simple, but classic design of the Suffolk door make it popular in oak or white. 

  palermo white internal doors  


The stylish Palermo door can easily work with classic or modern decor. 

          white panelled doors for interiors and room dividers  
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