Choosing doors for Wonkee Donkee XL Joinery Easi-frame room dividers

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Easi-frame room dividers are an excellent choice of door system for large or small rooms. They can be but set up in a number of different configurations, so you should be able to find the right doors for you. This frame system is designed to be used with doors from XL Joinery's standard internal door ranges, so they can easily match your other internal doors. Also, there is a range of demi and semi panels, which are ideal for static sidelight panels, and increase the versatility of configurations of door panels that can be used with these frames. This allows them to accommodate doors with a maximum total width of 3000mm. The overall dimensions of the Easi-frame are 2017mm x 3000mm. The frames are 135mm thick.


These frames are available in Oak  or White Primed , and are ready for a final finish on site, so they can easily be painted or stained to match other doors and interior decor. All frames come with a 10-year manufacturer's guarantee and are composed of FSC certified engineered timber. The frames are all supplied in the maximum dimensions, so they can be trimmed to fit exactly, to accommodate a range of doorway widths and also various flooring materials. They have jambs and mullions for if they need to be used with sidelight panels. Optional Pair makers  can be bought to accommodate double doors.

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All You need to do is measure the opening you want the door to fit, decide on the style of doors you want, and then decide on the configuration that will be best suited. There are over 200 different combinations that can be achieved with the different styles and sizes of standard internal door. Standard internal doors are 1981mm high (78") and 35mm thick, the width of doors you require will depend on the size of the opening and the configuration you select.

          easi frame room dividers for uk delivery  

Demi panels and semi panels for the Easi-frame room divider   


XL Joinery's small range of demi and semi door panels is specially designed to work perfectly as sidelights with the Easi-frame system as they are all glazed panels. These can be used with the corresponding style of main door or mixed and matched to suit personal tastes and exact needs - why not choose a panelled door with a sidelight panel? These panels are available in both Oak and White Primes, in the following styles: 


Demi panels - 1981mm x 306mm x 35mm (12")

  demi and semi panels are available  

Semi panels - 1981mm x 610mm x 35mm (24")


Popular door styles you can choose for your Easi-frame room divider


All of XL Joinery's standard doors that are 1981mm (78") in height and 35mm thick, can be used with this system. The width of doors you choose depends on the size of the opening and your chosen configuration of doors. This means the choices available are exceptional, whether you want to separate a living and dining space, or just have a larger opening between two rooms. Here is an example of some of the most popular choices of glazed door , but you don't have to follow convention, why not browse our  and choose something that is uniquely you!

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Pattern 10 doors

  Pattern 10 room divider with large glazed panels  

Glazed Pattern 10 doors are popular due to the way they can maximise the amount of light that will pass through your room divider. Both Oak and White Primed Pattern 10 doors have a range of standard internal door with different widths to suit standard or non-standard sized openings. 


Shaker doors

  Shaker room divider glazed doors  

The four large glass panels used for the glazed Shaker style door means this is also a popular choice. This class but timeless design comes in a range of standard sizes and is available in Oak or White Primed.


Worcester doors

  Worcester room dividers - glazed internal doors   

The traditional style of the glazed Worcester door means this is also popular, particularly in Oak, although the White Primed version is also stunning. 


SA 77 doors

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This style of door in Oak is another timeless design, with 15 glazed panels with clear bevelled glass. It comes in sizes of 27" (686mm), 30" (762mm), and 33" (838mm).


Novara doors

  novara doors used with easi frame room divders  

Another simple but classic style of door is the glazed Novara in Oak, with its two large clear glass panels. Standard sizes are available in 27" (686mm), 30" (762mm), and 33" (838mm). 


Ravena doors

  ravenna panelled doors used as a room divider  

The glazed Ravena doors provide a classically stylish door with a modern twist and plenty of light transfer with its clear glass. These doors are available in Oak or Walnut. They could look particularly effective when used with Ravenna panelled doors throughout the rest of your home, or why not use panelled doors with your Easi-frame system so you can open or close up your rooms whenever you want. 

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Easi-frame room dividers configuration options


The full set of jambs and mullions supplied with these frame kits means that each kit can be used to frame doors of various configurations, depending on the opening size and personal preference. These configurations can be formed from any width of standard size door, making these frames perfect for openings that aren't a standard width. 

These are the basic choices for door configuration with the Easi-frame kit.

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For more information on fitting Easi frame room dividers, see: How to install Easi-Frame room dividers

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