Door frames, door linings, and frame side light kits

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The door accessories  available here at Wonkee Donkee XL Joinery are designed to be used with doors from our extensive door collections. The external door frames and internal door linings are made to the usual high standards you expect from XL Joinery and provide you with a choice that should suit most home requirements for front or back doors, kitchen doors, bedroom doors and more. If you prefer to build an entire door assembly yourself, or have an opening that is not a standard size, the frames, linings, and side light kits are ideal and available to order today.

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With a selection of Hardwood and Oak external door frames, and Softwood and Oak internal door frames, you should be able to find something to suit your needs. All our frames come with a 1-year manufacturer's guarantee. They use FSC® Certified timbers in their engineered construction, that improves the stability and performance of the product, with A-grade quality veneers. 


Internal door frames (Door linings)


Internal door frames  are usually called door linings and they act as a lining to a door opening that the door leaf can be fixed to. Wonkee Donkee XL Joinery currently supply a selection of Oak  and Softwood  door linings. 

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Softwood door linings

Our Softwood door linings  are internal frames designed to be used with Pine internal doors from our internal door ranges. They are unfinished with a natural texture, so they can be painted or stained in your choice of colours. These frames are currently available in two sizes 115mm x 27mm  or 138mm x 27mm
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Oak door linings

Our Oak linings  compliment our Oak internal doors, with American white oak veneers. We have a selection of pre-finished door linings, in sizes  108mm x 22mm  and 133mm x 22mm , that are ready to install, with a finish that shows off the natural beauty of the wood. Alternatively, you have a selection of Oak linings that are ready for their final finish, including a lining designed for a door pair . This double door frame is perfect for rebate door pairs  or if you are using a pair maker  to create double doors.

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Architrave for internal doors and skirting 

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To really take you interior style to another level, you can choose to trim a door lining with a complimentary Oak architrave and match that with the Oak skirting board . You can opt for either of these trims to have a stylish ogee profile or a smooth modern profile. Choose from Pre-finished skirting with either ogee or modern profiles, or unfinished skirting, in either profile. Architrave is also available either Prefinished or unfinished. You also have architrave sets with both profiles for door pairs. All architrave and skirting have a 1-year manufacturer's guarantee. 


External door frames


All external frames  have an A-grade quality hardwood veneer over a superior engineered construction. Doors can be hung in this frame so they open inwards or outwards, left or right. These frames come with sill and frame horns, that can be trimmed if necessary. external door frames

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Hardwood external door frames

Designed to compliment our excellent range of external hardwood doors, these frames  are available in a range of different sizes. Choose from frames sized for common external door sizes; 1981mm x 762mm  (30"'), 2032mm x 813mm  (32"'), 1981mm x 838mm  (33"'), 2082mm x 864mm  (34"'), and 2134mm x 915mm  (36"'). The external frames are supplied unfinished and ready to be painted or stained, giving you many options for finishes. You can easily paint or stain this frame in a colour that either matches your door, for a classic uniform look, or in a contrasting colour, for a dramatic and modern twist. 


Oak external door frames

Oak door frames  are the ideal compliment to our Oak internal doors. They are also available in a range of sizes as unfinished frames, ready for the final finish of your choice, 1981mm x 762mm  (30"'), 2032mm x 813mm  (32"'), 1981mm x 838mm  (33"'),  2082mm x 864mm  (34"'), and 2134mm x 915mm  (36"'). 

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External side light frame packs

  External sidelight frame kits for exterior doors Wonkee Donkee XL Joinery  

If you want to add either one or two side lights to your door assembly you can choose from a hardwood or Oak sidelight frame kit  and use it in conjunction with one of our Oak side lights . Both these frames come in sizes of 2067mm x 2179mm (78") and 2118mm x 2179mm (80"). Side light options include a beautiful triple glazed panel with decorative black caming on the bevelled glass forming a classic design. 

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