Choosing a Door set frame and door from Wonkee Donkee XL Joinery

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External Oak Doorsets  make installing a new front door simple. These stunning doors are fully finished in the factory and ready to be fitted into a rough opening. The factory finish ensures a consistent look across the door and frame. The choice of door styles available provides something for everybody. For a stylish contemporary look, you might select a Modena or Turin door, whereas a door like the Chancery or Suffolk will provide a classic cottage style look. These doors make stunning front doors and can really increase you home's curb appeal while maintaining top class functionality. (See below for door style options.)


These door sets  are designed to the highest specifications. They all include a 5-way multi-point locking system, a powerful system that means you can be confident in your security. The Vectis Locking system helps to strengthen the door further by providing a powerful locking mechanism that is available in a choice of brass or chrome plated hardware. As well as this, the hinges are safety hinges, with security bolts, and glazed doors use toughened safety glass. 

  door set with door and frame in a grade oak  
  door set frame with a large glazed panel  

For protection against the weather, all these door sets have a stormguard trimline low threshold, that works as an exceptional barrier from natural elements, for both inward and outward opening doors, as well as allowing for ease of access. Also, as standard, all doorsets have a weather bar, an essential door component for deflecting rain away from the bottom of the door. The doors in this range are also thermally insulated in construction. These doorsets meet Part L of the Building regulations and are all CE Marked, so you know they fully comply with all relevant legislative demands for external doors. All the timber that’s used in XL Joinery’s oak doorsets is FSC© certified and Chain of Custody certified. This guarantees that they’ve been produced with environmental concerns in mind, following ethical and responsible forestry practices.   


Ordering your door set frame and door


To order your new door set simply choose the size, opening direction, and hardware for you door, then select the style of door you want to suit your home. Door sets are available in two sizes to suit either a 30" door or 33" door. 30" door sets have a frame size of 850mm x 2067mm, to fit brickwork dimensions of 860mm x 2077mm. 33" door sets have a frame size of 926mm x 2067mm, to fit brickwork dimensions of 936mm x 2077mm. Both sizes can be ordered as left or right handed, either outward or inward opening and with either brass or chrome plated hardware.

  select a left or right handed door set in oak  

Door set frames from 30" doors:


Doorset frames for 33" doors: 

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Door styles   


Once you have chosen your frame you can choose the style of door you want - just add the code of the door set frame and door to your basket for the complete doorset. Choose from the Oak Pre finished door collection, in the following styles:     


For 30" doorsets:

  chancery door 30"  
Chancery with decorative glass
  Suffolk 30" doors pre finished oak  
  pattern 10 door with clear glass external doors  
Pattern 10 with clear glass

For 33" doorsets:

  chancery door with decorative glass  
Chancery with decorative glass
  westminster door with decorative glass  
Westminster with decorative glass
  suffolk doors in oak  
  modena panelled door  
  modena door with glass panels  
Modena with obscure glass
  sienna obscure glass pre finished external oak door  
Siena with obscure glass
  turnin door with obscure glass for external doors  
Turin with obscure glass
  pattern 10 door with a large glass panel  
Pattern 10 with clear glass
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