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The classic, clean look of a white internal door can brighten up any space by helping to spread light throughout your interior, even in narrow hallways and corridors. XL Joinery currently produce two beautiful collections of white doors - the White Primed collection and the Moulded White collection, that Wonkee Donkee delivers across the UK. So whether you're replacing a door for a bathroom, en suite, bedroom, or kitchen, we should have the perfect door for your home. 

  White doors for bright interiors. Buy top quality white internal doors  

White Primed door Collection


The doors in the White Primed collection come with a double coating so they are ready for a final finish of your choice to be applied. All these doors are constructed with FSC certified engineered timber components and are available with a 10-year manufacturer's guarantee. The clean white colour is a popular choice for brightening a space and spreading light throughout your home, alternatively, you can paint them whatever colour you like! They even contain solid timber lipping which allows for trimming, so you can always get the perfect fit.

  White doors to brighten any space. Internal doors which are primed and ready to be finished  
  Interior doors that are white to lighten a room. Elegant primed doors ready to be finished  

This glorious internal range includes most of the designs also found with natural timber finishes, meaning you can mix and match while maintaining a consistent feel throughout your home. A popular choice if for timber doors to be used downstairs while white doors can brighten smaller landing/corridor areas, often found upstairs, as the clean colour supports the division of light. 



  White primed door for internal use, ready to be finished  

The straight lines and angles of the Altino doors gives them a really modern and interesting feel. These stunning internal white doors are available as a panel door or glazed with clear glass panels .  



  Traditional shaker door for a classic look. Internal white primed doors  

This classic design Shaker door with four flat panels will provide a simple, but effective style of door suitable for almost any property. With sleek lines that emphasise the clean white colour, this door will suit a variety of different decor styles. Fire doors, glazed doors, and bi-fold doors are included in this collection.   



  White doors to brighten any space. Internal doors which are primed and ready to be finished  

White Worcester internal doors would look just as good complementing traditional decor as they would modern. These primed doors can be panelled or glazed with clear glass, and they also have fire door options available.

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  white primed doors ready to be finished are available in an array of styles and sizes  

Palermo internal doors are available in glazed versions with a single panel of clear glass or four small panels with obscure glass. There is also fire door options, included glazed fire doors, and abi-fold option . Their deep u-groove lines enhance the pattern against the white.



  stunning white doors delivered across the UK  

Pesaro statement doors, in white, are available glazed with a clear glass panel or as a panelled door. This modern, but classic design, with its elegant curved lines, is ideal if you're looking for something a bit different. Fire door versions are also available in white.  



  White primed doors from XL Joinery for stunning interiors. Renovate your home and add new doors to give a room new life  

The Verona styles of doors are popular due to their ability to fit in with traditional or contemporary homes styles to liven up any interior. The white primed collection includes afire door  and a glazed door with two large clear glass panels.   



  White internal doors for a clean crisp look to brighten up your interiors  

Treviso doors use beautiful, fluid shapes with deep u-grooves which ensure the pattern is highlighted against the of the white of the door. These interior doors are available as panel doors or glazed doors with rounded clear glass panels in their centre that utilise the design features of this door perfectly.    



  Internal doors that are white to brighten your home  

The curved, u-groove details on Salerno internal doors creates an interesting asymmetrical design for a really contemporary look, which is complemented by the clean white of the door. Glazed versions, with clear glass, are also available. 


Pattern 10

  Internal white primed doors from XL Joinery  

This simple, one-panel Pattern 10 design door is a particularly effective as a glazed door for brightening a space, due to the large area of glass used, and in white these doors really lighten a space beautifully. Obscure and clear glass versions are available, including glazed fire doors. This range also includes panelled fire doors and bi-fold doors, making them particularly versatile.  



  Messina style doors from stylish interiors  

The elegant Messina doors can be an impressive centrepiece for any home with their combinations sleek straight lines and square angles against the pure white. This style is available as a panel door or glazed door.   

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  White primed doors from a light and airy interior style  

The Suffolk range is another hugely popular and timeless design which comprises of slim vertical slats that create a distinctive door which would suit an array of different property types, especially rustic cottages and modern barn conversions. The White Primed collection includes Suffolk style doors with options for fire doors,a bi-fold door , and glazed doors with a single, clear glass panel.   



  White primed doors from XL Joinery delivered across the UK  

The DX range of internal doors, with their flat recessed panels, is inspired by 1930's style for a classic look with clean lines, which works well in white. This door is available as a panel door orglazed door  complete with obscure glass.


Victorian shaker and Malton shaker

  victorian shaker and malton shaker style doors from stylish interiors  

These classic 4-panel internal door designs, with flat shaker style panels, are simple but effective and will fit in well with a variety of styles. The absence of raised moulding on these doors means they will fit in with traditional or modern homes. Fire door andbi-fold  options are also available, with the Malton design being a glazed version of the Victorian style.   


Pre-finished collection


Due to a demand for more choices of fully finished doors, we can now offer you a small selection of stylish white doors that have been pre-finished at the factory and are ready for you to install. A factory finished door is guaranteed to have a clean and even surface, to really show off that brilliant white. Consider mixing and matching panelled and glazed doors of the same style throughout your home so you have the perfect door for each room. These doors are solid core doors with a 10 years manufacturer's guarantee.

  Fully finished doors in white from wonkee donkee xl joinery  


  censena style white doors from wonkee donkee xl joinery  

The Cesena door in glorious white is a really gorgeous door that features raised and fielded panels that are framed with beading to present a timeless elegance to any home. The glazed version has a particularly large clear bevelled glass panel that allows for maximum light transfer.



  Potenza white doors from wonkee donkee xl joinery  

The Potenza is a truly modern design of door that uses deep u-grooves to highlight its unique style with interesting straight and curved lines. This door would be the focal point of any room, and will stand out in brilliant white. The glazed version of this door has a slim clear glass panel in its centre and is the ideal choice for a darker room.



  Severno white door fronk wonkee donkee xl joinery  

Severo doors use clean lines to highlight the simple but graceful four-panel design that is beautifully highlighted with its raised and fielded panels. Both the panelled and glazed versions would fit easily into traditional or modern style homes.


Alumina collection     


The Alumina collection consists of a stunning selection of Oak and Walnut doors with real aluminium inlays to really set of their designs. New for 2016, the Alumina collection has added a stunning white door with real aluminium inlays.



  White forli style doors from wonkee donkee xl joinery  

Forli style doors are popular choices due to their timeless elegance and simple design. The new white version maintains all the Forli charm with a bright clean finish. These doors are fully finished, so they will be ready to install. White is very good at brightening a room and the aluminium will shine beautifully from this door as it bounces light around a room. For an even brighter space, you can opt for the glazed white Forli door. This style of door is also available as a fire door.


White Moulded door Collection


White moulded doors from XL Joinery are our budget range of doors that offer excellent value for money while exceeding the specifications of the industry standard. This internal door collection includes doors which will match some of the natural timber doors we have available. These doors are all FSC certified, being constructed of engineered timber components to offer enhanced performance and maintain sustainability. The classic white of the doors is ideal for making any space seem brighter and airier, and the doors have a grained texture for a natural feel.

  Interior doors that are white to lighten a room. Elegant primed doors ready to be finished  
  White moulded internal doors from XL Joinery.  

All the doors have lock blocks on both sides of the door and all edges are primed, with some doors in this range available as fully finished doors. Lock blocks are positioned 950mm (approx) from the bottom of the door and they extend about 100mm from the door edge and have an overall height of about 300mm. All moulded doors have a 1-year manufacturer's guarantee. Some of these internal moulded doors are fire doors or bi-fold doors.

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  White moulded hollow core doors for bedroom. Classic white door brighten a room  

The six-panel Colonist door is available as unfinished, and ready to be painted, or fully finished, and ready to be fitted, from the White Moulded collection. There are also fire door and bi-fold door versions for use in different spaces.



  White internal doors for bathrooms, bedrooms and cupboards. Delivered across the UK  

The Victorian is a classic four-panel design. The White Moulded collection includes Victorian style doors that are unfinished to be painted on site or pre-finished at the factory, fire doors, bi-fold doors and glazed doors with a choice of clear glass or Forbes glass, which is obscure glass with a clear border.



  Classic style doors. White moulded doors. Bedroom doors. Bathroom doors  

The Classique style is a two-panel design with a traditional curved edge at the top of the top panel. There are fire door  and glazed 6-light door options available in this style.

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