Internal door collections from Wonkee Donkee XL Joinery - Natural wood collections

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Internal Doors  can provide the finishing touch when creating an exceptional interior space which reflects your personal style. 

  Internal door ranges from XL Joinery. Quality, contemporary interior doors. Eco friendly doors  

XL Joinery is constantly producing new products and updating their collections and styles of doors, taking inspiration from traditional forms and utilising the latest ideas to produce exceptional designs. This, combined with their expert craftsmanship, has helped them produce their current ranges of doors with an extensive list of highlighted features so you can select the perfect door for your any room. Most of the individual styles of doors have a range of matching alternatives with additional features, such as internal glazed doors  and fire doors , so you should be able to find a selection of doors that are perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and more.

  Internal contemporary doors in Wales. Door to en suite  

Please read on for details regarding our current collections of internal doors with beautiful timber veneers. Details on our collections of white doors, room dividers, fire doors, bi-fold doors, and external doors are on the next pages, including information on pair makers that can turn any pair of the following door designs into double doors.


Internal room dividers with glazed panels, dining room door


Alumina door Collection

  Walnut, wenge or oak doors  

This contemporary range of internal doors is stylish and eye catching. The designs are enhanced with inlays of real aluminium, for a wow factor throughout your home. These doors are all fully finished and available in a choice of selected Walnut, or A-grade American White Oak veneers, to complement a range of interior styles. The doors in the Alumina collection are all pre-finished with a quality clear AC lacquer. The doors in this range have solid timber lipping to allow for up to 6mm to be trimmed from all edges for a perfect fit.


The engineered construction of these doors gives them improved performance over solid timber, and ensures they're more environmentally friendly. They are finished with top-quality timber veneers. All Alumina doors have a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee available and have solid timber lipping to accommodate up to 6mm trimming on all edges. The Alumina collection is available in the following style families:

  Internal Oak door with aluminium inlays Doors for The West midlands, east midlands and across the UK  
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  Forli Doors with aluminium inlays Available in London, Shropshire, Gloucestershire, Surrey, and across the UK  

The Forli style is simple but striking. The vertical aluminium inlays run down either side of the door and highlight the change in grain direction of the veneer, which runs horizontally on the centre panel and vertically down each side panel. This interior door style is available in Oak or deep Walnut. You can choose from Oak fully finished panelled doors, glazed doors, or fire doors, and Walnut panelled,glazed , or fire doors


Forli style doors are also available as fully finished white doors  - See Internal door collections - White  for more details on our different collections of white doors.



  Portici doors form XL Joinery for Hertfordshire, Yorkshire, Derby, and all across the UK  

Portici doors combine two vertical, deep v-grooves running down either side with four horizontal strips of inlay. These stunning doors are available as glazed doors or fully finished panelled doors, with Oak or Walnut finishes, or fire doors, also in Oak or Walnut. The glazed doors in this range have etched glass which continues along the lines of the inlays across the door face.



  Vaese doors from wonkee donkee xl joinery - internal walnut and oak doors  

The Varese door is a welcome addition to the stylish Alumina range. This design is modelled on the class Pattern 10 style door, but it uses beautiful aluminium inlays to highlight it’s simple but elegant appearance. These pre-finished doors are available with either Oak or Walnut veneers and can come with or without a large glazed centre panel. Fire doors in Oak or Walnut complete this selection and allow you to maintain consistency throughout your home.



  Barletta doors for Kent, Stafford, Norfolk, Liverpool and manchester  

The Barletta internal doors  are panelled doors. They have three inlays strips running vertically down their middle, and are all top-quality Oak finished doors. This door is currently only available in the size 1981mm x 762mm x 35mm (30")

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Ellipse Oak door Collection


These elliptical doors are available in a range of different curved designs to add a beautiful personal touch to any home interior as they can act as a unique focal point for kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and lounges alike. All doors in this range are available with a 10-year manufacturer's guarantee with options for fire doors and glazed doors. These doors are constructed with engineered components to address environmental concerns and for enhanced performance. 

  Ellipse collection door from XL Joinery - delivering doors for your home in Cardiff, Swansea, Rhyll, Barmouth and all over England and Wales  
  Ellipse range doors in oak. Internal doors delivered to Bristol, Gloucester, Chelmsford, York, Barnsley, Wakefield, and all across the UK   

The designs on these internal doors consist of deep u-grooves which have real Oak inlays, and all internal Oak doors from XL Joinery are FSC certified. Doors within this collection may be available in unfinished or fully finished oak, as well as white primed styles. (See  here for details on all white primed doors in our ranges). These Oak doors have timber lipping which allows for up to 6mm to be trimmed from all edges. Ellipse doors look particularly effective when used in pairs.



  Emilia style doors in oak from wonkee donkee xl joinery  

Newly added to the Ellipse collection is the beautiful Emilia style Oak door. The Emilia mixes curved and straight lines, and horizontal and vertical oak grain across its unique three stepped layers to give a truly modern and striking appearance. This door is also available as a glazed door with a large glass panel that allows light to flow effortlessly through your home.



  Pesaro door from XL Joinery for excellent house doors to suit all styles  

Pesaro statement doors in Oak, from the Ellipse collection, are available unfinished, fully finished, glazed with clear glass, or as fire doors, including glazed fire doors. This modern, but classic design is ideal for someone looking for something a bit different.



  The Treviso range within the Elliptical collection of stylish and unique internal doors  

Oak Treviso internal doors use beautiful, fluid shapes to compliment the natural wood. These interior doors are available fully finished, unfinished, glazed with clear glass, or as fire doors, for a comprehensive, complimentary range of doors.    





  Salerno design of doors for an asymmetrical pattern  

The curved, groove details on Salerno doors create an interesting asymmetrical design. These doors are available unfinished, ready to paint or stain, or fully finished and ready to install. Clear glass glazed doors and fire doors are also available in this design.      



  The Verona style of door from the Ellipse Oak range at XL Joinery doors. For local delivery  

The Verona doors are popular due to their ability to fit in with both traditional and contemporary homes styles. These doors can be used to suit almost any room as they are available with clear or obscure glazing options, including glazed fire doors, or panelled fire doors. These doors can also be supplied fully finished or unfinished and ready to paint or stain on site.

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Metropolitan Oak door Collection


The extensive Metropolitan collection from XL Joinery uses deep u-grooves on real Oak veneers set at straight lines and angles to create a range of designs that include beautifully modern patterns alongside some more classic forms. The options available for individual designs provides an array of choices. These internal Oak doors are FSC certified and available fully finished or unfinished. They also come with a 10-year manufacturer's guarantee. White primed versions of many of these doors are also available.

  Messina door in oak. Beautiful modern door designs for contemporary homes  
  Modern design internal door for interior use. Oak doors from XL Joinery  

Options in this range include fire doors, glazed doors with clear or obscure glass, bi-fold doors for use in locations with limited space for opening and closing standard doors, and rebated door pairs. The standard versions of these doors have lipping to accommodate up to 6mm being trimmed from all edges; fire doors can have up to 3mm removed from each edge. The Metropolitan Oak collection comprises of the following design families:

  Internal bi-fold door from XL Joinery. Door for interior use  


  Latina internal door from XL Joinery. Glazed doors and unfinished doors fro interiors  

The Latina door combines various grain directions for a fresh look. This interior door is unfinished and ready to paint or stain on site, and it features etched clear glass.



  Messina doors from the Metropolitan collection for interior use  

The beautiful Messina doors can act as an impressive centrepiece for any home with their combinations of vertical and horizontal grained panels. This style is particularly versatile as it comprises of unfinished or fully finished doors, glazed doors with a choice of clear or obscure glass, and a selection of oak panelled fire doors. Messina doors pre-finished with walnut can also be purchased.



  Internal doors for modern looks. Monza style from the Metropolitan collection at XL Joinery doors  

The diagonal pattern on the Oak Monza internal doors give them a really contemporary feel and the u-grooves and configuring of the grain direction accentuate this design. This door comes unfinished to be painted or stained as you choose, and fire doors or glazed doors with obscure glass options are also available. Buy internal doors online from top UK manufacturers



  Internal door with glass panels. Interior doors from XL Joinery UK  

This basic but stylish Novara door has two large panels. The panels are recessed flat to really show off the pattern of the natural Oak. This contemporary design of door is also available as a fire door or in clear glazed versions. These doors come unfinished to be finished on site.



  Palermo doors from stunning interiors from XL Joinery doors  

The Palermo designs of door have a range of different options to choose from, providing the ability to cater for a variety of needs while continuing a consistent scheme throughout your home. Palermo doors are available unfinished or fully finished, with glazed versions with options of clear glass, etched glass, or obscure glass, so the different designs will provide various levels of privacy. There are also panelled fire door and glazed fire door options. Palermo style is also available as a bi-fold door.


Pattern 10 

  Doors for interiors. Internal fire doors, glazed doors and fully finished doors  

This simple, one-panel design of door is a particularly effective glazed door for brightening a space, due to the large area of glass used. Obscure and clear glass versions are available. The panel door options include standard, as well as fire and bi-fold versions. With fire and bi-fold both having glazed options available. This style door also has semi (24") panels, available in glazed or panelled versions and a glazed semi (12") panel, both of which are ideal for use with the Easi-Frame system to accommodate various sizes of door opening and can be used as sidelights. Demi panel sized doors can be used with theFreefold room divider systems , as folding door panels. Oak Pattern 10 Rebated door pairs can also be bought.



  Piacenza oak doors from wonkee donkee xl joinery  

The Piacenza using a simple, elegant two-panel design to produce a door that will be timelessly stylish. This oak door features deep u-grooves that highlight the design of this door perfectly. This style of door is complimented with a matching glazed door with a large clear glass panel. 



  Ravenna range from the Metropolitan collection of oak doors with real oak veneers  

These unusual internal doors use vertical and horizontal grain Oak to create a really stunning and unique look. They're available unfinished or fully finished. Matching panelled, fire, and glazed doors with a large clear panel of glass are also available for consistency throughout your home, for almost any space. Buy internal doors online from top UK manufacturers



  Internal doors from Traditional or modern homes. Shaker style is classic  

This classic 4-panel design is available as a panelled, glazed, fire and bi-fold door, so a consistent look can easily be achieved throughout a property even when you use different door types for different rooms. This range includes doors which are unfinished or pre-finished with clear and obscure glass options, as well as glazed fire doors. For use with the Easi-Frame system, you can also get demi panel (12"), or a choice of semi panels (24"), available as panelled doors or glazed doors.

Rebated door pairs are also available in this style for wider doorways.



  Interior doors in Oak with or without glazing. Internal doors with a classic or contemporary look  

Worcester doors would look just as good complementing traditional decor as they would modern. This range comprises of unfinished and pre-finished doors, depending on how easy you want to make the installation. It also contains fire, glazed and bi-fold versions, to suit almost any room, including glazed fire and glazed bi-fold doors. These Oak Worcester doors are also available as glazed semi (24") panels for use with the Easi-Frame system of room dividers. These semi doors also come either unfinished or fully finish in the factory. Alternatively, this style also comes as a Rebated door pair.


Classic Oak door Collection


The Classic collection draws its inspiration from traditional designs which remain timeless classics and can enhance the look of any type of property. All Oak door are available with a 10-year manufacturer's guarantee. These stunning internal Oak doors can be supplied fully finished or ready to paint or stain on site, with glazed and fire door options also available. (Seewhite primed, white moulded and pre-finished white interior doors  for details on various white options.)

  Classic oak doors provide a homely and traditional touch to any interior  
  House doors for interiors. Unusual internal doors in Oak  

Some designed also come in bi-fold versions, ideal for cupboards or wardrobes.  All the Oak used in XL Joinery doors is FSC certified, so we know it's responsibly sourced. These designs can fit in amongst traditional or moderns fittings to add a real piece of style to your home's interior.



  Andria style doors from wonkee donkee xl joinery  

The Andria style door takes a simple two-panel design and adds a touch of elegance with genuine oak raised mouldings surrounding the raised and fielded panels. The simplicity of this style of door means it will fit into almost any setting, and the glazed option is ideal for brightening a space.


Colonial 6 panel 

  Classic oak doors provide a homely and traditional touch to any interior  

Colonial 6-panel doors are a timeless, classical design of door which will fit nicely into a range of homes. The panels are raised and fielded to give greater depth to the panels, but they don't have raised moulding which allows them to accommodate modern hardware for a unique twist. Matching fire doors are also available. 



  calabria style door from wonkee donkee xl joinery  

Calabria style doors will easily bring a touch of elegance and class to any internal space. They incorporate straight and curved lines to present an interesting but classic design that is highlighted by the stunning raised and fielded panels and genuine oak raised moulding. You can have this style as a classic panelled door or as a glazed door with a large glass panel.



  Traditional oak styles of internal door.  

The DX range of flat panel doors is inspired by 1930's style and is always a popular choice. Matching fire doors and glazed doors, with obscure glass, are also available. These doors are available as pre finished, in the factory, doors, or as unfinished and ready to be painted or stained before installing.

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  Suffolk doors are traditional style. Oak internal doors  

The Suffolk range is another hugely popular, classic design which comprises of slim vertical slats to create a distinctive door which would suit an array of different property types, especially barn conversions and cottages. This range includes glazed doors with clear or obscure glass, fire doors, including glazed fire doors, and bi-fold doors.  


Louis and Riviera 

  Louis and Riviera doors for classic, traditional looks.   

The Louis and Riviera internal doors incorporate raised moulding to highlight the panels for a particularly traditional, elegant look. The Louis doors are Oak panelled doors and the Riviera doors are glazed doors with clear bevelled glass. These doors are ready for their final finish on site. The Louis door is also available as a fire rated door


Victorian and Malton 

  Traditional panel door design ideal for traditionally decorated homes  

These classic 4-panel designs are available in a number of slightly different styles. Malton doors are the glazed versions while the Victorian versions are four-panel doors. The variations found in this range are; shakers doors, with simple plain panels; panel with non-raised mouldings, with panels which have bevelled edges for a slightly raised appearance; or shakers doors with raised moulding, which particularly emphasise the panels. A choice of different panelled or glazed fire doors and panelled or glazed bi-fold doors in this style can also be found.


Pine door Collection


XL Joinery produce three versions of internal Pine doors, with each utilising the natural beauty of Pine in a different way - Vertical Grain Pine, Clear Pine and Knotty pine - to suit personal tastes. These classic designs have options for glazed doors and bi-fold doors, as well as a few designs available as fire doors or bi-fold doors. These doors all have a 10-year manufacturer's guarantee available and come ready to be finished with stain or paint on site. 

  Pine internal doors fro a classic look. Vertical grain pine doors  

Internal Pine doors contain engineered components, in the interest of environmental concerns and to ensure improved performance. All Pine doors from XL Joinery are FSC certified.

  Pine doors are classic and traditional for a really homely feel  
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Vertical grain Pine door collection

  Vertical grain pine for a natural look. Pine internal doors from XL Joinery.  

This internal Pine collection is available in two basic style, each of which also comes in a glazed version. The Edwardian and Vine DX designs are both classic 4-panel doors with decorative moulding around the panels for a vintage feel. Ideal for finishing off a traditional setting. 


Clear Pine door collection

  Pine doors for an elegant natural look. Traditional panel doors fro interiors  

The Clear Pine collection includes the four-panel Victorian door. This simple, but effective design is also available as bi-fold doors. The glazed options include doors with clear glass or decorative Campion glass, including a bi-fold door with decorative glass. Unglazed Victorian doors are also available, for adding your own glass


There are Louis and Riviera styles, which are a panel door and a matching glazed door, both of which use a traditional curved design for their panels. Also the similar looking Rio 4 panel door, which is available as a standard panel door or glazed with Crystal Rose decorative glass.

  Clear pine doors for interiors from XL Joinery. Local supplier of doors  

Knotty Pine door collection

  Knotty pine door for internal use, including folding doors and glazed doors  

the Knotty Pine collection seeks to fully utilise the natural pattern generated by the knots in pine. This collection consists of four types of Victorian style door. Available are standard panel or glazed doors, with decorative Bluebell glass, and corresponding bi-fold doors. They are also ideal for painting, meaning you can add your own personal touch to a stylish wooden door.

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