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To ensure your home fully complies with current Building Regulations, some doors must be fire doors . It is Part B of the Building Regulations that sets out the minimum requirements for the fire protection that must be implemented in dwellings, including the use of fire doors. Fire Doors  are part of the system known as the Passive fire protection system that is put in place in buildings to contain fires if they break out, and to slow their spread. They're designed to contain a fire in a single compartment of a building to reduce the risk to other compartments.

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If you have come across a fire door you will have noticed they're heavier than standard internal doors due to the fire retardant core materials that are used to construct them. However, visually they can look just like a standard door. With the elegant range of fire doors from XL Joinery , you can meet the current regulations without compromising on style. For extra safety, many people choose a fire door to replace a kitchen or airing cupboard door, or any other interior door, to give them that extra peace of mind.

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Where must a fire door be used?


Non-dwelling buildings (Commercial properties) - factories, offices etc.

The corridors of commercial and industrial buildings are usually used as a means of escape in case of a fire. Doors leading to these corridors must have fire rated doors fitted to them.



Where your home leads directly to a garage the door between them must be a fire rated. This is sometimes an entrance between a kitchen or hallway and a garage. In addition to this, there must be a step down into the garage. 


Three storey new build houses

When a new build house is three storeys or more, it must have fire doors for every room that leads off a staircase and every room that is a living area.


Loft conversions

A loft conversion that's deemed habitable on a two storey house will be classed as a third storey. This means the door to the loft conversion must be a fire door.


Flats and apartments

The escape route of a block of flats must be protected with fire doors unless an alternative exit is provided. The front entrance of flats should also use a fire rated door if it's directly entered from a communal area. 

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If you're ever unsure about whether a fire door is required you should consult with your building professional or check with Building Regulations. You must also ensure all frames, hardware, and seals are appropriate so the door meets its fire protection status. Fire Doors  are usually thicker than other internal doors, so check if you need to replace the entire door assembly or if you can use an existing frame. Fire doors must be fitted correctly by an experienced joiner to ensure it doesn't fail.

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XL Joinery fire doors


The internal fire doors from XL Joinery are constructed with layers of various fire resistant materials and certified to resist fire spread for 30 minutes once properly fitted. This large range includes panelled doors and glazed doors that match standard standard internal doors so they can seamlessly blend in with your decor while giving you peace of mind. Below is a selection of popular fire door styles, in a range of different materials. To browse all fire doors from XL Joinery click  here.



  louis fire door from xl joinery  


This Louis fire door works perfectly with traditional cottage style decor. The raised moulding gives it a touch of classic elegance. This style fire door is a panelled door that's available in five different sizes, to suit a variety of common opening sizes. 

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This style of fire door is available as a panelled or glazed door, with two glazing styles on offer. This modern design has simple lines that can suit traditional or contemporary styles of home. The Palermo comes in a range of different sizes and the panelled version is also available as a pre finished door.

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Pattern 10 

The Pattern 10 style is a popular choice for all types of door, including room dividers and external doors. The Pattern 10 fire doors come in a range of sizes of both panelled and glazed doors. The glazed door is perfect for brightening up any space.

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The Pesaro style of fire door is elegant and modern in design. These beautiful Oak doors are available as a solid panelled door or featuring a clear glazed panel.  

  Suffolk style doors as fire doors  


The classic Suffolk style fire door is available as a with 6 clear glass panels or as a sturdy looking panelled door. The Suffolk in Oak is also available as a fully finished door for easier installation. 


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Aluminium Inlay

  fire doors with quality veneers and aluminium inlays  

The Alumina collection of doors is a stunning range of unique and stylish doors with natural wood veneers that are inlaid with real aluminium, to create doors that really make a statement. These doors are all Pre finished and ready to hang. You have a selection of Walnut, or American While Oak veneers, to complement a variety of interior styles. 

  walnut fire door with aluminium inlay from XL Joinery doors UK  

Oak fire doors from this collection are available in the styles of Forli, and Portici, as either 30" (762mm), or 33" (838mm) size doors. Walnut fire doors with aluminium inlays are only currently available in the style of Portici.



For more details on the Alumina range of internal doors see: Internal door collections - Natural wood


White Primed

  Suffolk style door  

White Primed doors are ideal for brightening a space and making it appear larger. They are popular choices for internal doors, and XL Joinery supply a range of White primed fire doors to compliment their standard internal doors. This range includes a small selection of glazed doors, in the styles of Pattern 10 and Palermo, two styles that are excellent at transferring natural light around your home.

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The panelled white primed fire doors that are currently available from XL Joinery are in the following styles - Palermo, Pattern10, Pesaro, Shaker, Suffolk, Verona , Victorian, and Worcester


For more details on the White primed range of internal doors see:  Internal door collections - White


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Fully Finished White

  White fully finished fire doors with real aluminium inlays  

When you want to save time it's always wise to opt for a pre-finished door, so now we have a small selection of popular styles in stunning white, pre-finished in the factory, including the Forli design with real aluminium inlays for a unique and striking appearance.


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White Moulded

  a white moulded fire door with 30 minutes fire rating  

White moulded fire doors from XL Joinery offer great value for money while still exceeding the specifications of the industry's standards. They're all unfinished doors, so they provide a blank canvas to work on, ensuring you can add your own personality and style to the doors. White moulded fire doors are available in the two panel Classique style , as well as the four panel Victorian and six-panel Colonist. These classic styles of door will suit an array of decor styles. 


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Mixed Material Doors

An example of the styles of fire doors we currently have available to order for home delivery. These doors are fully finished white doors with timber panels for a modern look

Our mixed material doors are also available as fire rated doors, providing you with a modern and unique look for your home. These are fully finished doors in white but they are enhanced with panels in white oak or deep, rich walnut. These doors would be ideally suited in a contemporary style home. 

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Grey Fire Doors

Grey internal doors in modern styles for contemporary houses

Greys are neutral colours that are popular in interior design and their popularity has been growing steadily for the last few years. Grey interiors can have a subtle elegance that has a formality to it without old-fashioned. 

We have a stunning range of internal doors that are pre-finished in grey, available in two shades of grey, or with a combination of white and dark grey panels.

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