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Your external doors need to be particularly high performing and they need to meet the tight Building Regulations currently in place. XL Joinery doors are expertly crafted to meet these demands, while not compromising on style and meeting current style trends. With the large range of styles we supply, you're bound to find the perfect door to replace your front door, back door, or any other external door!

  External door collections from XL Joinery  

A beautifully constructed external door will give a lasting first impression to any home and can express the individuality of that home, and its owner, as much as the general architecture. The breadth of the XL Joinery ranges means we can satisfy requirements of almost any home, from a contemporary new home to a classical Georgian home, for front doors, back doors, and any other external doors. 


Exceptional features found on XL Joinery external doors

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XL Joinery only use A-Grade timbers for their external timber doors, which accentuates the true beauty of the natural timber. The external collections include Oak, Pine, and Hardwood doors. 90% of XL Joinery products are sourced from sustainably managed forests, being FSC© or PEFC™ certified. Also, the entire collection meets EUTR regulations, this means when you purchase an XL Joinery door you can be sure that they have been produced ethically and responsibly, with great consideration given to environmental concerns.


XL Joinery doors are usually of an engineered construction for improved stability and greater performance. Engineered timber doors are less prone to movement than solid oak doors, and are also more resistant to changes in environmental conditions. Engineered doors are better for the environment as they utilise timber more effectively and produce less wastage. Engineered constructions also produce a better colour match for timber as all the door’s components are covered with a high-quality veneer. 

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All glazed doors  in the external door collections use Toughened Safety Glass, whether they are clear, obscure, or decorative panels. Many of the external hardwood doors are also available unglazed – for greater flexibility, meaning they can be glazed with any glass design you choose, for a truly unique look. 


You can create a truly stunning look for your exterior by choosing from the XL range of complementary external door accessories. These include various standard door frames  and sidelight frame kits that can be used with external side lights  to accommodate non-standard opening sizes. Or, you might opt for stunning French Doors to bring light into your home and really brighten up a space. With all these choices you should be able to find the perfect doors to provide the finishing touches that can completely transform any exterior décor.


For more information, see: External door collections - Folding doors and French doors


Oak Door set frames


This selection of pre finished door set frames removes the hassle of finishing and fitting an external Oak Door by providing a beautiful door already hung in a frame, ready to be easily installed. All XL Joinery external Oak Door sets come with a comprehensive array of safety features and benefits that mean they are notable upgrades and they can achieve u-values so they comfortably meet Part L of the Building Regulations. The factory finish ensures the door and frame have a consistent look. As a replacement front door, these will provide you with real curb appeal.

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Simply choose from XL's selection of Pre finished external Oak doors, with a choice of glazed or panelled doors, and then select the appropriate door set frame and they will arrive as a complete doorset that's ready to be installed straight away. Door sets are available to suit either 30" doors or 33" doors. Each size can be ordered as a right or left handed door, and can be inward or outward opening. With fitting options available in plated brass or plated chrome. 



For more detailed information on Door set frames, see: Choosing a door set frame and door

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Oak door collections


As well as Pre finished doors, there is a large selection of Unfinished Oak doors, that can easily be finished on site. XL Joinery has a large selection of Oak external door, so you should be able to find one to suit you. Complimentary external door frames in Oak, as well as sidelight frame packs in Oak, provide you with lots of options to really enhance an external doorway. All Oak doors have a 10-year manufacturer's guarantee and are FSC®  Certified.


Oak Pre finished collection


XL Joinery Pre-finished Oak doors can be supplied with a door set frame, or they can be supplied individually, ready to be fitted to an appropriate existing frame. All external Pre finished Oak doors have a 10-year manufacturer's guarantee. All these doors are thermally insulated. You can choose from panelled or glazed fully finished doors.


For details on the doors available in this range, see: Choosing a door set frame and door

  Oak doors with a factory finish for a top quality, consistent finish  

Oak panelled doors - Unfinished

  glazed oak doors for stunning exteriors. External doors with double glazing or triple glazing  
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For a door without any glazing, you can opt for a sturdy Oak panelled door. Unfinished Oak panelled doorsP come in two classic styles - Suffolk or Modena. These doors provide excellent privacy and traditional style. Both these doors are available in a range of sizes. Why not use these doors with an Oak sidelight frame pack and one or two glazed Oak sidelights to bring in light from outside or fit a non-standard opening?


Oak glazed doors and sidelights - Unfinished


The range of unfinished glazed doors in Oak from XL Joinery is large. All of these doors have double glazing glass panels, except for those mentioned below that have the extra protection of triple glazing. 


The styles of double glazed door you can find in Oak from XL Joinery can be chosen to easily match an array of their internal doors, and you have two heights of sidelight options , for different sized openings. The sidelight panels use obscure glass and are in the Pattern 10 style, which is easily matched to other styles of Oak door. We have a range of doors with either clear or obscure glass so you can choose from bringing in as much light as possible to maintaining your provacy.

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  External door with sidelights for a classic look  

Oak triple glazed doors

If you want a higher grade of glazing and a choice of decorative glass panels, you can choose from a beautiful range of triple glazed external doors. All these doors are mortise and tenon constructions and are available in the common front door dimensions of 1981mm x 838mm x 44mm (33"), but they will look equally stunning as a beautiful back door. Many of them are also available in other popular sizes. Balmoral Jade and Malton Diamond doors have a complimentary 23" sidelight panel that matches beautifully with them, providing extra choice for openings that are not standard sizes, all have black caming designs on their glass. 


The other styles of triple glazed doors from XL Joinery are ones which utilise black caming, they are Cottage and Westminster. Also available, Chancery style doors, that have brass caming, including Chancery stable doors. Caming is used on glazed panels to produce decorative patterns that resemble traditional stained glass and sidelight panels, for a classically stylish look. All these styles make remarkable front doors that will really make your home stand out.

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Hardwood door collections

  Painting a hardwood door can give you a lot of colourful options for your exterior  

The beautiful Hardwood doors from XL Joinery are hardwearing and produced to enhance the exterior of any property. All Hardwood doors are FSC®  Certified. They're well suited to outdoor conditions as they are made of either Meranti or Shorea wood. For more colour, these doors look particularly stunning when painted and can reflect the personality of the home and its owner. Why not paint your front door in a contrasting colour to your back door? All these doors are ready for a final finish on site with a suitable stain or paint. This range provides plenty of opportunities to select the exact features you require. The different options to choose from with this External Hardwood collection includes sizes, door styles, glass styles, and even the door’s construction method, with all of these doors being either strong Dowelled construction or the even tougher Mortice and Tenon construction.


Panelled Hardwood doors


Although the majority of the doors in this range are designed to be glazed doors, there is a selection of Hardwood solid panelled doors that provide excellent security and maximum privacy. The Modena door  is a simple but modern design of panel door. For a more traditional looking panel door, you should have a look at the choice of differently sized London 4 panel or Colonial 6 panel doors. With Colonial doors available with Dowelled or Mortice and Tenon construction.

  External doors made of hardwood and solid panel construction.  

Double glazed Hardwood doors

  Double glazed hardwood doors with glass panels - doors that can be painted or stained  

Hardwood doors that have double glazed glass come in a variety of styles and have a choice of different glass types. For more contemporary designs, you can choose from the ModenaSiena ,  or Turin  doors, each with double glazed obscure glass panels. For more classic designs, you might choose a 2XG style door, available with clear glass, for exceptional light flow, or Coleridge decorative glass, for a traditional but striking look. 


The other, more classical designs, of double glazed Hardwood external door from XL Joinery are Acacia, with stylish Chesterton glass, or the Richmond, with Donne glass, for a timeless art deco look. This collection also includes Malton style doors with a choice of either obscure glass or smart Drydon glass.

  Hardwood external doors with double glazing  
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Single glazed Hardwood doors

  single glazed external doors with clear or decorative glass panels  

For less expensive glazed doors, you can opt for one of the Hardwood single glazed doors as the glass used is still toughened safety glass, and complies with building regulations. Single glazed doors come in the following styles - Acacia with attractive Byron glass; Richmond with floral Keats glass; Carolina with clear glass; Malton with obscure glass or the delicately decorative Burns glass; York with obscure glass; Stable split doors with a single clear glass panel; or 2GX with either clear glass, for an unobstructed view, or the traditional style of Carroll glass. 


Unglazed Hardwood doors   


If you prefer to choose and install your own glass into an external door, then you can pick from a selection of Unglazed external Hardwood doors. These are particularly popular for use with a specialist or enhanced glass panels, for when a specific look or feature is required. Hardwood doors that are Unglazed, with apertures ready to take an appropriate glass panel, are available in the styles of Acacia, Richmond, Malton, Stable 1 Light, 2XG, York, and Carolina.

  Unglazed external doors for adding your own glazing panels  

Pine door collection


These solid core external doors provide you with a blank canvas you can use to create a choice of looks by employing a specific finish. Pine doors are FSC® Certified. 


 Glazed pine doors

  External Pine doors with single glazed panels  

All of the Pine external doors from XL Joinery are glazed with single glazed glass and are guaranteed for 10 years. They are available in three basic, but classic styles. 2XG style doors can have clear glass or Flemish glass, which is textured glass. Malton doors come with Flemish glass and the Stable style door has a clear glass panel. The Stable style is a split door where the top and bottom of the door can be opened independently of each other. These doors are particularly popular choices as back or side doors.


Pine gates   


Also included in the Pine collection is a small selection of solid  Pine external doors designed specifically to be used gates , shed doors, or similar, allowing you to liven up a fence or extend the life of an older shed. These gates take the form of the popular Ledged and braced doors, Framed ledged and braced doors, or Arched top ledged and braced gate doors. They all come with a one year guarantee, for peace of mind, and are ready to be finished on site. 

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