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Internal doors made to order in the size of your choice

Not all homes are built alike, and not everything in your home will fit standard sizes. We found that this is particularly true with features that were formed when a building was constructed, especially doors and windows.

Door generally are built to standard sizes, and these sizes are what you will find in most homes, especially in more modern buildings. But, there are a lot of homes out there that are not modern and may not have been built to suit the standard sizes you are offered. On top of that, not every style of door is available in all the common sizes found in British homes.

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Internal doors made in bespoke sizes

Due to this demand for non-standard sized doors, some companies now offer bespoke doors, which are doors that are made to order to suit the exact specification you require. This gives the consumer much more choice in terms of the types and styles of door they can install into their homes.

We can now offer our internal doors as made to order doors, in the size that fits your requirements exactly. What’s more, we still offer our bespoke doors at excellent prices. We can produce nearly all of our panelled or glazed internal doors in bespoke sizes, including our oak or walnut doors, our new grey doors, and any of our white doors that are pre-finished or white-primed.

Oak internal doors can be made in non-standard sizes

On top of this, we can also produce bespoke rebated door pairs, so you can have a double door that will make the perfect room divider for your property and we can also make bespoke fire doors, so you won't have to compromise style for safety. This expands our range of internal door massively, and we have already found this service is becoming increasingly popular for people with older properties, but also for new builds.

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White internal doors can be made in bespoke sizes

This service means you can build a door to fit your build, rather than building to fit common door sizes and is also ideally suited to homes that have different access needs. Wider doors can make wheelchair access much easier, especially for people who use larger wheelchairs or need more room to manoeuvre comfortably. Using doors that are suitable for wheelchairs is a great selling point to add to new builds and being able to choose from our huge range of styles means that you won't need to compromise on the look of your interior.

Interior door styles that can be made in bespoke sizes

Read our guide to ordering made to measure doors here.

If you would like a quote for any made to measure doors or you would like to discuss your option further please email us at or call our team during office hours on 01938 557733.

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