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When trying to choose a suitable replacement door for a bedroom, bathroom, sitting room, kitchen, or any other space, there are a few things you'll want to consider. You will not only want to find a door which is suitable and practical, you'll also want to consider the design of the door, as a door can be used to make a statement or enhance the decoration of a space. You will also need to take into account your budget and any specific features you might require.


The efficiency and durability of a particular interior door  will be affected by how frequently it's used and what rooms it separates. Certain areas may require a door with specific features, for example, doors used for bathrooms and kitchen will require some kind of water resistance to prevent water damage, and particularly dark areas may benefit from a door with glazing panels. 

  Internal doors - things to consider when replacing an interior door  

Choosing an interior door might seem to be just about style but they also provide privacy and noise control. The quality and functionality of any door will depend on how it's manufactured, and the materials it's made from. But, it also depends on how well it has been fitted and the quality of the additional parts, such as the frame and closing mechanisms. 


Which parts need replacing?

  Door leaves and door frames can be brought as a full set or separately  

The first thing you'll want to decide is which parts of the door actually need to be replaced. If it is just the door leaf then you might be able to fix a new door to the old frame. If this is the case you'll need to choose a door which is appropriate for the frame. Door leaves which are sold separately from frames are sometimes called slab doors. 


If you are changing the type of door you're using, or if the door frame is damaged or rotted, you'll probably need to replace the frame as well. You can buy frames separately from the door leaf for internal doors, these are usually called door linings . If you want to accommodate a larger door opening, you can choose frames for room dividers , such as Easi-frames  that allow for sidelight panels to be used, or Freefold  frames, that can be used with between two and eight doors. 

  Internal doors - things to think about when you you're replacing internal doors  


Consider where the door will be used, this should include the atmospheres it will be exposed to, how often it will be used, and if it will need to have any specific functions or features, such as fire or moisture resistance. The positioning of the door will also affect the space it has to open into, in turn, this will influence which opening mechanism will be the most appropriate. Bi-fold doors  are popular choices when space is limited, and glazed doors  are often used to brighten up a space


If a door will be in a space with a heavy traffic flow you might need to choose a door which is stronger and more durable than other interior doors, it might also need to use an opening mechanism which is easy to operate, perhaps having a feature which can hold the door in place when it's open for free access. In other areas, a lightweight door might be best suited as they are less likely to sag or damage the hardware over time, and will usually be cheaper.

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Decide which are the main functions you want the door to perform. These will usually be privacy, noise reduction, temperature or atmosphere control, ventilation, providing light, or simply to temporarily separate two spaces. The door might need specific properties, and they may also need to have certain additional features or added hardware. 



The size of the entrance itself will influence the type of door you choose, and how many door leaves you'll need. Standard hinged doors will only be able to span a certain width of entrance opening as they can't have more than two door leaves per doorway with rebated door pairs  or by buying a pair maker  and two individual doors. 

  XL joinery doors. Room divider for door which opens up a room  

For much larger openings you might want to consider Freefold doors , which are available in a choice or sizes and can use used with between two and eight doors. Alternatively, the Easi-frame system  offers you a choice of different sizes that are particularly useful if your doorway is a none standard size. These frames can be altered to suit a choice of configurations of doors, including single or double doors with one or two sidelight panels. 


For more information see: Choosing doors for Freefold room dividers  and Choosing doors for Easi-frame room dividers



The actual look of the door you choose can affect the whole look of your home. If interior doors don't match they can be an unattractive focal point and make the decoration appear inconsistent. 

  Stylish, modern door designs from XL joinery  

Not only can you choose between many different types and styles of door, but you will also have many options for colours and the final finish. Because interior doors do not need to be treated and maintained as much as exterior doors you have more choice, as any door can technically be used as an interior door but exterior doors need to meet certain requirements.


For more information on styles of door from Wonkee Donkee XL Joinery, see: Internal door collections - Natural woodInternal door collections - WhiteInternal door collections - Pre FinishedInternal door collections - Fire doorsInternal door collections - Bi-fold doors , and Room divider collections


High-quality veneers

  XL Joinery Wonkee Donkee Doors for interiors  

Most modern doors are made from components that are constructed using engineered timbers such as MDF (Medium-density fibreboard), particleboard, or laminated timber (blockboard). These components are used due to their enhanced performance over solid natural timber, as well as being more sustainable timber, which makes them more environmentally friendly. However, natural wood is still used as the veneer of doors, and you'll want to make sure you choose a door with a good quality veneer.


We supply XL Joinery doors because they only use A-grade timbers for their veneers, which really displays the natural beauty of the wood. Timber used for internal doors include Oak, Pine, Wenge and Walnut, which produces doors in a range of shades.

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Environmentally friendly doors

You should try to choose doors which are manufactured by a company that appreciates environmental concerns by sources their timber from sustainable sources. Xl Joinery have a passion for environmental sustainability, with over 90% of their products being FSC® or PEFC™ Certified. The Oak they use comes from rubber plantations where the trees have already served a useful purpose.




Your budget is an important part of choosing doors. It's worth getting the best quality doors you can for your budget, as more durable doors will last much longer, which should save you money in the long run. Things that affect the cost of a door include, what they're made of, their opening mechanism, their size, and any additional features or property enhancements they have.


Finishing touches

Door handles and other door hardware for internal doors

You will also want to consider the door hardware you will want. All our internal doors require at least three hinges, as they are solid doors and they need to be secured in place properly or they could stop functioning the future. You also need to install a latch if you want the door to close properly. 

For the look of the door, you'll want to choose a suitable handle with a style and finish that fits your door and your home's style. Our handle packs come with hinges and latch , and are available in a choice of stunning styles, so you have everything you need to fit an internal door that will work properly and look fantastic. 

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