A brief guide to internal doors

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What is an internal door?


 Patio doors and french windows slide on rails to open and close


Interior or internal doors  are used primarily to provide privacy and separate spaces, but they can also provide some sound reduction and temperature control. They're usually hinged but can also be operated by sliding, or folding.


Internal doors will be much lighter than external doors and are often thinner, with hollow or lightweight cores. They will also usually have different types of hardware fitted, as they don't need to be securely locked like external doors. This also means they are usually significantly cheaper and easier to fit than external doors, but also much weaker and less durable.


Internal doors are easy to take for granted, but they have a significant impact on your home's overall appearance. Replacing interior doors can help unite the visual appeal of a space. If the doors in your home don't match they can make the decoration seem inconsistent. You might want to replace all the doors on one level if previous renovations have left them mismatched.  
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      Wonkee Donkee says "The paper doors often  used in traditional Japanese architecture are called shoji."  

What are the different types and

styles of internal door?

  Interior doors are the doors separating individual rooms.  

Various types and styles of door can be used for internal doors. You can choose a suitable door by considering the different types and their specific properties, as well as their appearance. External doors can be used in internal doorways, but they will be heavier, thicker, more expensive, and need to have an appropriate frame and hardware. An internal door should never be used as an external door.


Each of these types and styles of door can be produced to operate in different ways, depending on how individual doors are manufactured. They can also be produced in various configurations, such as double doors or doors with sidelight panels, although most internal doors are single leaf hinged doors.
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Internal French doors 

  French doors have glass panels to let the maximum amount of light through  

These doors consist of door leaves made up of glass panels, allowing plenty of light through and giving you a view between separate spaces. Sometimes any door that has glass panels in it is referred to as a French door, other times they are just called glazed doors.


For more information see: Internal French doors


Internal flush doors

  Flush doors look like one solid piece of wood. Flush doors may have inlays in their veneers for decorative purposes  

Flush doors have a smooth, solid veneer, which gives the appearance that the whole door leaf is made from one solid piece. However, completely solid doors are rare as they are more prone to warping. Instead, flush doors are constructed from different parts with a hollow or solid core which is then covered with solid veneer faces. Modern designs may have a veneer that is more decorative, such as doors with inlays which produce a striking pattern.


For more information see: Internal flush doors


Internal panel doors 

  Panelled door can come with different amounts of panels  

Panel doors are constructed with framed panels joined to form a solid leaf. The panels can be the same material as the rails and stiles that hold them in place, or they can be other materials such as glass. The number of panels used to form a door varies and there's an array of different ways the panels can be arranged.


For more information see: Internal panel doors

  Moulded doors are designed to look like panel doors but are cheaper to produce  

Internal moulded doors

Moulded doors are actually constructed like flush doors. The main difference is the face veneers used for moulded doors are moulded, or pressed, to create a 3-D effect. Usually, the moulded veneers are shaped to resemble the panels of a standard panel door, combining modern flush door properties with the look of a traditional panel door. But, they can be moulded to any design, including more complex ones.  

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Other internal doors


Some doors combine features of other doors to create a design with additional characteristics and benefits.  

  For extra ventilation use louvre doors, their slates let air through  

Internal louvre doors 

For extra ventilation, you could install louvre or louvred doors. These have panels constructed from angled slats arranged with gaps for air to pass through while limiting vision and direct sunlight. These sorts of doors are suited to wardrobes and laundry rooms, where ventilation is more important than security. The full leaf of the door, or just parts of it, can have louvre panels. They are more commonly used for things like cupboard and wardrobe doors. You can buy various sizes of louvre door from our other site - Wonkee Dokee Richard Burbidge.

  Brace and ledge doors are traditional looking.  

Internal ledged and braced doors

Ledged and braced doors typically consist of vertical panels joined side by side, strengthened with horizontal panels and often further reinforced with diagonal panels. They are based on a traditional and simple design. They are also a style of door commonly used for sheds and gates but are not suitable for use as external house doors. They can also be called batten doors.ledged and braced doors for gates or sheds


When to replace an internal door  


If a door is damaged, and you are unable to repair it, you'll probably need to replace it. Similarly, if the frame of a door is damaged then that might need replacing. You have the option of replacing the entire door set, including a door leaf and frame, or you can replace the different components of a door. Over time doors can be knocked or dented; this is particularly hard to fix if it is a hollow-core door.


Other common problems experienced by interior doors include sagging or warping of the frame or door leaf. This can make them difficult to operate and may make them impossible to fully close. Assessing which part of the door assembly has become misshapen can help you decide if a part needs to be replaced or adjusted. You should also check that the frame and hardware are appropriate for the door leaf, so it performs to its optimum and lasts as long as possible. 


You might also need to replace a door because you want to improve its properties or change some of its features. For example, doors with features such as air vents or louvre panels can improve ventilation, fire doors can be installed to slow down the spread of fire, and glazed doors can be fitted to increase the available light in an area.


Whether it's a kitchen door, a bathroom door, a living room door, or any other internal door, you can browse our collection here  and find the perfect door for you.

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