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Everything you need to hang an internal door

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Choosing the right hardware for new or existing doors is the perfect way to add finishing touches to your doors. You want to choose hardware that will give you the right mix of style and practicality.

The XL Joinery handle packs contain everything you need to ensure your door will function properly and look great. These packs contain a latch with a pair of handles and three hinges, which is everything you should need to hang an internal door. Our bathroom handle packs also contain a lock mechanism. Each handle pack has a 5-year manufacturer’s defect guarantee, for peace of mind.


65mm and 75mm latch options   

  Door handles and other door hardware for internal doors  

For the glazed and panelled doors in the following ranges we recommend a 75mm latch; Oak and White Primed Shaker 4 Panel, Oak and White Primed Pattern 10 and Oak Novara, for all the rest of our internal doors we recommend a 65mm latch. Each style and type of handle is available in a choice of two packs, one with a 65mm latch and one with a 75mm latch, so these packs will suit all our internal doors.   




XL Joinery doors are solid and we always recommend you use three good-quality hinges to hang them. Cheap hinges are likely to fail or affect the functionality of a door and could end up costing you much more in the long run. These handle packs each contain three high-quality 3” steel ball bearing hinges, with fire door packs containing three 4” hinges, that will suit our heavy doors perfectly.  

  XL handle packs contain 3 hinges and a latch to fit an internal door  

Bathroom handle packs     

  Door hardware pack for bathroom door, with locking latch, 3 hinges and a handle pair  

The handle pack for bathrooms will contain a pair of handles, a matching bathroom turn and release, a CE marked bathroom lock with a bolt reverse mechanism (65mm or 75mm) and three 3” steel ball bearing hinges. This hardware set is ideal for bathrooms but is also suitable for use on other internal doors, such as bedrooms, when you want to increase the privacy or security of a room. 


Fire door handle packs

For use with fire doors, these handle packs have three 4” Steel Ball Bearing hinges, to accommodate the extra weight of fire doors, a pair of handles and either a 65mm or 75mm tubular latch that is CE marked and features the patented bolt reverse mechanism.

Fire doors can be hung easily with a handle pack that is designed for use with 30 minute rather fire doors

Current styles of handle available

Modern handle of internal doors


Polished chrome finish.


Polished chrome/satin chrome finish.

Drava style handle from a internal door handle pack
Door knob from an ax joinery door handle hardware pack


Satin chrome finish.



Polished chrome finish.

Sleek modern handrails in a pack with hinges and latch for internal door
Chrome finished handrails and door hardware for internal doors


Polished chrome finish.


Polished chrome/satin chrome finish.

Oka handrails ina pack with hinges and a door latch
Everything you need to fit a new internal door - hinges, latch and handle pairs


Polished chrome finish.


Polished chrome/satin chrome finish.

Handrail packs for internal doors from XL Joinery
Handrail pack for internal doors with hinges, latch and a chrome and black nickel finish


Polished chrome/black nickel finish.


Polished chrome finish.

Handle pack for internal doors with door knob, hinges and door latch

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