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The following pages look at glazed doors, Fire doors, and ledged and braced doors.

Glazing in a door can add an attractive feature by providing extra light and, sometimes, adding a decorative element. Most types and styles of doors can have glazing installed. Whether it's a fully glazed door, drawing in as much light as possible, or a small glazing panel added to a solid door, there are many choices available.

Glazed doors also have several options for where the glass can be installed. This includes glass being fitted into the door leaf or into the door frame. Glazed panels can be fitted into an extended door frame either at the sides of a door or above it. These are known as sidelights or fanlights and can be manufactured in different designs and sizes.

A fire door can resist the spread of flames and smoke for a certain amount of time, and also provide a safe means of escape. To comply with UK building regulations, it's important to be aware that some doors in your home need to be fire doors and need to meet certain standards.

Fire doors need to be able to seal off an area in the event of a fire and still allow for a means of escape. They need to have been tested to prove that the particular design will work in a fire. They must be installed properly with the correct components, such as the door frame, and any essential hardware, like hinges. All parts of the door assembly need to comply for the fire door to work correctly.

Ledged and braced doors will usually be framed, ledged and braced doors; ledged and braced doors; or just ledged doors. They can be referred to by these names, depending on their specific construction, they can also be called batten doors. They're made up of a number of vertical panels, battens, joined by their long edges to form a single panel. They are given extra support with horizontal ledges, diagonal braces and frames. Ledged and braced doors are usually  constructed with support beams running across one side of the leaf. The side with the supporting beams is usually considered to be the back side of the door.



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