How to install Easi-Frame room dividers from Wonkee Donkee XL Joinery

  easi frame room dividers from XL Joinery doors for bright open plan living  

XL Joinery's flexible Easi-Frame system  lets you put together a room divider for any style of living. You can instantly transform an open plan space into separate rooms, divide a living area and a dining area, or create a sparate room for working, the choices are enless!

Consisting of a head, two mullions, and two jambs, they come in Oak  or White Primed  , so this system will work with any standard XL internal doors in Oak or White Primed, so you can create a fully co-ordinated look. 

  Internal French doors with a sidelight  

The Easi-Frame system is made with a finger-jointed timber core and either veneered with white oak or painted in a white primer. You can select any of the 78" (1981mm) tall internal doors  out of the XL Joinery ranges, along with matching semi or demi doors (also known as side panels or sidelights).  With a large selection of glazed  and panelled  doors in Oak or White primed, including Oak doors with aluminium inlays, you should be able to find the right doors for any space. If you choose from some of the many Pre-finished doors, you can save time on installation.


For more information on internal doors see: Internal door collections - Natural wood , Internal door collections - White  or Internal door collections - Pre Finished


To help you choose the right doors for your Easi-Frame room dividers see:  Choosing doors for Easi-frame room dividers

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What comes in the pack?


The Easi-Frame  comprises one frame head, two frame mullions, and two frame jambs. The doors leaves, pair makers, door hardware and other fixings are not included. Pair makers  are an optional extra for double doors. Don't forget to make sure that all components are in the pack and in good condition before you begin installation. 

  Easi-frame system for internal French doors  
  Applying coat of treatment to finish your new door  

The frames will be delivered ready for a final top coat, so you'll need to treat the timber components with a good quality wood stain, or suitable paint. Just follow the finishing instructions supplied with the pack.  


You should also ensure you fully understand the specific installation guide included with individual doors, frames, or door sets as they will be specific to your project.




Which layout?


First measure the opening and choose a suitable configuration. For details on measuring an opening, see: How to measure for a new doorset .  The diagrams below give some common examples, although there are many other potential ways to arrange the doors. 

  Double doors and 2 sidelights  
          easi frame room dividers for uk delivery  

Double doors make a great statement if you have space for them. Glazed panels will let in plenty of light, and it will be easier to move furniture around between the two rooms if required. Or, you can always choose to mix and match complimentary panelled doors with glazed doors.

  Easi-frame configuration diagram  

For a narrower opening, a double door with just one sidelight might be more suitable - or you could choose a single door and two sidelights to maximise the amount of light coming into the room. The array of choices is huge, so these frames should be able to accommodate almost any internal door opening.


Which sidelights?

  Semi sidelights with a French door  

Different sizes of side panel give further flexibility. You can get semi panels, which are only slightly narrower than many doors (24"), or smaller panels called demi panels (12").

The two sizes offer plenty of options for a variety of configurations to best suit the opening.

  Demi sidelights either side of double doors  

A selection of panels based on some popular designs are available. To match with Oak  frames, you can choose Shaker style demi panels  or a semi panels, Pattern 10 panels  are also available in demi and semi sizes, and Worcester semi panels are another option. To match with White Primed  frames choose from demi panels in the styles of Pattern 10  or Shaker , or White Primed semi panels in Pattern 10Shaker , or Worcester styles. 

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Preparing the frame

  Trimming timber with plane  

You may need to trim the top and sides of the doors and sidelights to make them fit perfectly. The vertical parts of the frame are also supplied over-long so that you can cut them to suit the depth of your floor covering.  

Unpack the door mullions, jambs and frame head and loosely assemble them on a clean, level surface. The vertical frame parts are pre-cut at the top to fit the frame head rebate. Position the doors and sidelights to act as spacers between the vertical parts of the frame. 


Remember to leave enough clearance between all the components to allow for a pair maker , if you're planning to use one. By fixing this device to the edge of a closed door, you can create a pair of doors, from two singles, that will close against each other properly.

Allow about 3mm space for any hardware such as hinges, and make sure there is sufficient room to open and close the doors (and sidelights, if applicable). Double check that the final external frame measurements are the right size for the opening.

  Pair maker in oak  
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Assembling the frame

  Drilling into door head  

Make sure that the roughly assembled frame is completely square, then carefully mark out the screw positions on the head of the frame and predrill through the head into the vertical timbers. 

Put wood glue on the adjoining surfaces between the frame head and the vertical components, then screw the jointed parts together. Use a clean cloth to wipe away any excess glue. Make sure the joints are secure and that the frame is still completely square before you install it.   


Installing the frame


If the configuration of the opening allows, you can permanently fix the sidelights into the vertical frame components before fitting the frame in the opening.

Make sure that the clearance at the top of the sidelights matches that of the other door and sidelight components - for instance, a 3mm gap between the top of the opening doors and frame head should be repeated on the sidelights to keep everything level.   

    White Easi-frame doors  
  Driving screw  

Fix the frame through the head and jambs into the ceiling and adjacent walls, driving the screws in below the surface of the frame. Make sure first that there are no hidden wires or pipes anywhere near the screws. 


Now you can hang the doors and sidelights to complete your room divider. 

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