How to care for and maintain your external doors

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External doors maintenance and care

  Exterior doors need to bee properly maintained to keep them working properly  

External Doors  will all require some maintenance, but some will require much more than others. External doors should be regularly checked as any problems should be fixed immediately. Weather stripping and/or draught excluders need to be checked regularly and replaced when necessary. You should also regularly check the door's hardware – exposure to the elements means metal parts can be more prone to rusting and plastic parts more prone to wear. 

  Clean your doors regularly to get rid of dust and grime  


All doors will benefit from occasional dusting or a wipe with a damp cloth, and external doors are likely to need cleaning more frequently than internal ones. What cleaning products can be used will depend on the material and finish of the door. You should check specifications of individual doors if you need to clean the door with anything stronger than just water. 


Don't scour, excessively rub, soak, or over-clean the door or you'll remove the treatment's layers. Avoid using any metal tools or sharp objects to remove dirt from doors, and never use a hose or power wash on a door. Doors with tracks should have the tracks regularly vacuumed or brushed to remove any debris which might build up and stop them working.  

  Reapply and wood treatment to doors every few years or whenever there is any damage  

Re-applying treatment and seals

uPVC and fibreglass doors don't usually require any finishes to be reapplied as they are waterproof materials. However, most other doors will need re-treating every few years. Moisture, wind, direct sunlight, dirt, and regular use can all cause the finish of a door to deteriorate. Doors made from any type of wood will need to be sanded and have their finishes re-applied regularly. Metal doors usually need to have their finishes re-applied every so often as well. You should also check doors regularly for scratches or other damage.
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  Oil door hinges to keep them moving smoothly  

Maintaining door hardware

Moving parts need to be oiled regularly with a light general purpose oil. Rollers will also benefit from an occasional application of petroleum jelly or a similar lubricant. 

  Rusty hardware on door should be replaced  

Many metal pieces of hardware can rust and may need to be replaced in time. Also, plastic parts can wear, particularly if exposed to the sun, and may need to be replaced. If a door stops operating correctly it might be that some of the hardware needs maintenance or adjustment.  

  French doors need to have their glazing panels check occasionally for damage to glass or seals  

Check any glazing panels

If any glass is cracked it will need to be replaced as soon as possible as it will pose a safety and security risk. External glazing should be insulated. You should check for any condensation inside the panels – this might mean the seals need replacing.   

  Weather stripping on doors keeps leaks and draughts out  

Check weatherstrips and draught excluders

The weatherstrips, weather bars, and any draught excluders are an important part of an external door as they prevent leaks and improve the insulation properties of the whole door. They can wear over time so it's important to check them and replace when necessary. 

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