Building Regulations for glazed doors 

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  Glazed doors and building regulations  

Due to the delicate nature of glass, doors with glazing need to comply with certain UK Building Regulations for insulation, safety and strength. Glass that's installed in particular areas of a door assembly needs to be toughened or laminated for increased strength, and this applies to both internal and external doors. All Wonkee Donkee XL Joinery's glazed doors use toughened safety glass, for peace of mind.


Any glass used in doors or used adjacent to a door, such as sidelights, must comply with the Approved Document N of the Building Regulations 1991. This means that the glass must be approved safety glass. Often, this means that the glass will be toughened safety glass that’s designed to prevent dangerous shards being produced if the glass is ever. All safety glass will have the BS3206 Kitemark, and may also include the manufacturer's name or other markings.

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For all glazed doors, it's particularly important to be aware of where the critical locations are as they can't be fitted with standard float glass. These are areas which are affected by the impact of the door opening and closing. The strength of individual glass panes depends on the type of glass, the size and thickness of the pane, and any treatments it receives. 


Any glazing that falls wholly or partially within the ‘Critical Locations’, must be safety glass to comply with current regulations. Critical locations are marked here in blue. If any part of a glass panel falls within these areas you must ensure the entire panel is safety glass.


To see the image in a separate window click here. For Building Regulation information from Planning Portal -  Detailed information about building regulations, how to get approval, and what the approved documents currently contain click here.   

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