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We are very pleased to announce that the XL Joinery bespoke service has been extended, and it’s proving to be particularly popular. In addition to this, we can now also offer a pre-finishing service on our unfinished doors . We can take bespoke orders for single or multiple doors.

Modern oak doors that can be produced in bespoke sizes to suit non-standard openings

Our internal and fire door ranges are comprehensive and offer you plenty of choices in terms of styles, sizes and materials. However, we still found that many customers wanted doors that were not standard sizes, or the sizes of door they required were not available in the style they preferred, or even that they wanted a style that was not produced as standard as a fire door.

The bespoke service is a great way we can expand the choice we can offer our customers and is a great way to ensure that you can source a door that will fit perfectly every time. 

This bespoke door service is available on the following doors – 

  • All internal oak doors (unfinished and pre-finished)

  • All internal white doors (white primed and pre-finished)

  • All internal walnut doors

  • All internal grey doors

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Internal doors made with different materials can now be made in bespoke sizes

This service allows us to produce bespoke version of the following types of door – 

  • Standard door pairs (rebated double doorsets)

  • Standard panelled doors (internal door with no glazing)

  • Standard glazed doors (internal doors with glass)

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Rebated door pair, panelled oak door and a glazed oak door

As Fire Doors are necessary in almost every building built in the UK according to the requirements of the relevant national fire safety regulations in order to meet current building regulations we can also produce many of our styles of door as the following type of door (please note, some doors are not available as fire doors due to manufacturing complexities) –     

  • Fire panelled doors (FD30)

  • Fire glazed doors (FD30)

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  Fire door help prevent the spread of fire  

We can now also produce some of our panelled doors as 60-minute fire rated (FD60) doors for added protection. The British Woodworking Federation (BWF) states that “when used in a compartment wall that separates buildings, the fire door must match the fire resistance period of the wall containing the door with a minimum period of 60 minutes”.


Ordering a bespoke door     


The process for ordering a bespoke door is relatively easy, and the steps you’ll take are described below. 

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Bespoke doors are doors made to order to suit individual specifications for replacing doors
Contact us to get a quote on any bespoke door

Send us an enquiry

When you have chosen the style of door you prefer you can send us an enquiry detailing the size, the finish, the type of door, and the material you want the door made with. You can send your enquiry via our 'contact us' form below or email enquiries to

Please bear in mind that ‘panelled doors’ refers to standard doors without any glazing. 'Glazed doors' are any door that has one or more glass panels and 'fire doors' are 30-minute rated doors that can be panelled or glazed. If you want a quote for a 60-minute fire door please specify this in your enquiry. 

Place order

If you accept our quote for your bespoke doors we will add the doors to our website's product list and send you a link to them. All orders are placed online through our secure payment system. You will find details on delivery costs here.

Placing an order for a bespoke door online
  CAD drawing of bespoke doors for customer to approve before the design is produced  

Approve door design

Once your payment has been processed by us we will send the details over to XL Joinery’s design team who will produce a CAD drawing of the doors you require. You must check the drawings and dimensions on them before we can have them produced.    


Wait for your door to be made

Your doors will be manufactured by XL Joinery, using the CAD drawing as a specification guide. XL Joinery ensure their doors are subject to rigorous quality control checks throughout the manufacturing process, and this is also the case with any bespoke doors they produce.

Bespoke doors are doors made to order to suit individual specifications for replacing doors
Door delivered to your home by a dedicated team of couriers

Take delivery of your door

When your doors have been produced and double checked at XL Joinery’s quality control they are ready to be delivered to you. You will be contacted by the specially designated courier company to arrange a delivery date. Lead time for bespoke doors is currently standing at 12-14 weeks, and delivery will be arranged after this time.

Your doors will then be ready for you to install them.

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If you would like to discuss anything in more detail please call our office on 01938 557733. Alternatively, email us at We always aim to answer emails and other enquiries as soon as possible.

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